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(A book on Indian Aesthetic which is wholly based on yoga philosophy)
ISBN 81-7943-098-7
(Publish in 2009 New Delhi) Price $40
It is the reference book to all the research scholars who assert and believe the great relation of yoga- physical, mental and philosophical, with the aesthetic of India. This research-work should study with English book titled: Aesthetic theories of India Volume 3 which has sub-title of 'yoga-activity is the fountain-head of Indian aesthetics'. The research-work has covered the whole period of Vedic-Literature. The parallel concept of beauty with Western thinkers comprised the good discussions and debates of connoisseurs on the topic like Aesthetics both. Though aesthetics has been recognized by Western thinkers during first half of the 18th century (Baumgarten, a German thinker is the founder of this discipline), but scattering thought of Beauty, with the parallel aesthetician of west. But I would say that the concept of Beauty and Yoga-philosophy commemorate a new discipline in India with the new outlook of interconnected subjects of humanity and science. The modern approach is needed for the study of contemporary modern India. The concept of Beauty in Dante's literature has been inspiring Indian philosopher to research on Patanjali's yoga-sutra. Physical, mentally, spiritually, meta-physically-with holistic approaches explore the thread of aesthetics of India. it is the holistic discipline. Please attain it and be positive and not deficient.

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