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ISBN 81-7943-084-7
(Publish in 2009 New Delhi) Price $15
(Dr. Padma Sudhi met Walter Elias Disney in 1966 in the Disney Land itself.)
She collected the data on the life of Disney. She consulted at least eleven English books written by American writers. After collecting the data she wanted to write a book on the life of Walter Disney and his aspiration to construct the Disney Land by selecting many engineers from many countries, to make his dream a reality. Many artistes and artisans, Engineer of all the disciplines were hired by the Walter. Disney Land was situated in the Orange county of California covering south-East Anhem city where car parking can accommodate ten thousand cars. Disney Land is a city itself now where children, old people and young couple can roam with their dream-lands. It is started in 1955 and when we saw in 1966, works were still giving on. This project is conceived by Walter twenty years before the work is executed like Mark Twain, Walter also travelled around the world and best of every country he chose to show and not of only America. Most important character, which becomes world-wide famous, was his Mickey-Mouse. This book is very informative about Disney-Land. Here, Mouse was the companion in the farm-land of Walter who was the son of a farmer. In the big book in Hindi which is written by the author and which is coming soon in the market for adults of India, the author has given all the minute details where Walter had to be defeated in front of the swift strength of a rodent. He could feel the powerful speed and strong sense of hide and seek in his field where he had to save the crops. He was always after the mice. The rodent of the farmland becomes the fist hero of Disney-Land with the avatara of Mickey-Mouse. He also knew that rat is the carrier of Shri Ganesa in India. The children would certainly enjoy the creation of Disney-Land which is produced with great effors by Walter Elias Disney and later on, his own country made another Disney-land in Florida. Not only that, many a countries are influenced by Disney-Land have adorned their country with similar type of Disney-Land but with different names.

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