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I erected the Library for the purpose of compiling the Encyclopedia mentioned above by selecting the canonical books, periodicals, Journals, News-papers, News-letters, Manuscripts (Xeroxed) and magazines from all over the country and outside world. The Institute Bhandarkar Oriental Research is most famous Institute in the whole country for its studies. Its Library possesses the oldest and most modern books on my subject together with the journals subscribed from India as well as all the foreign countries. I am very fortunate to be stationed in Pune which is the cultural centre of India. Also, there is a lot of interaction between the scholars coming from all parts of the world and the scholars working in the Bhandarkar Oriental Institute. It gave me lot of encouragement to get material from other countries with the help of my foreign-colleagues. They suggested me to make thick papers-cards for data-collection of the subject, I was given cut size reference-cards prepared in the press of the Bhandarkar Oriental Research Institute. The UGC has been giving 10% of my Associateship to the Institute for the departmental help for the last 10 years. Thus, I have been assisted by the peons and clerks of my Institute also.
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