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I read the books and every readable material and prepared reference cards simultaneously. I travelled to different places like Ajanta-Ellora, Khajuraho, Palitana and so on to witness myself the monuments of art. Also, in 1953 I covered all the Museums and Monuments of country in my First Educational tour which was arranged by Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, the then Prime Minister of India where I was awarded the first prize in Diary writing. Furthermore, I got the opportunity to visit America, Canada, Mexico and all the Western European countries, Thailand, Japan, Hong Kong and other small countries of Asia. All these visits made me enriched I understanding Indian art and aesthetics which are housed in other countries of the world also. With this background, I have started making reference-card numbered 100,000 of which I compiled articles, definitions, vocabulary, Interpretations, Introductions, and Appraisals and so on. Now fifty manuscript-folders (red in color) are ready alphabetically and recently, I have started editing and transliterating the Devanagari characters into Roman words and also correcting the translated articles from other vernaculars, and translated canonical texts from Sanskrit. The one Lakh cards are disappeared now they are transformed into manuscript forms. The Microfilms of photographs are also synchronized with the topics by pasting them with heading in the manuscripts-folders. In this way, the encyclopaedia is almost ready.
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