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HARSINGĀR(A Poetry Collection)
(Publish in 1971 New Delhi) Price $25
It contains romanticism of Meera and mysticism of Kabeer. Therefore, enjoyment of sentiments (Bhaga) and relishing the Atman (yoga). I found in my life-devotion and surrenders incarnate, While Kabeer takes worldly material in his poetry to reach in the realm of metaphysical beauty mystically with reverse photocopy of mirror-image (ulatvasiyān) like Kabeer, I did not need mirror reflecton, but needs the generalized sensibilities from my reader. I am not fining any thing in the world where my attachment prevails, so negation of ago.
"Banane ka garab miṭā
Mitane ka garab rahā,
Miṭnā he to sheṣa rahā?"
Man ṭuṭe manka na ṭuṭe!
Sabhi chor thagwa he milate
Apno ko apne he ṭhagate
Pĩr na haṭati prem-panth se
Ghar- nehar se, Milan -ṭhaur se
Sapan lagate saindh mahal mein
man lűte, man kā na lute
Mukti hai pāgal re!
Kitnā nāch rahĩ bandhan me,
Kitne tāl bhare charnau me,
Tan-man ke pankit ban me,
Ban pankaj kĩ kaunpal re,
Mukti hui pāgal re.

There are serenity in the lyrics of devotion and mysticism which surrender emotional region of my mind and takes me to other world though liberation, where there is no suffering, no pangs, no waiting and no sorrow of this imperfect word.


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