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(A novel named, 'come my beloved' by Nobel Laureate Mrs.Pearl S.Buck)
(Publish in 1976 New Delhi) Price $40
It is the depiction of the period 30's-40's of India. Olivia the English, heroine comes in the ship to the shore of Gateway of India, Bombay in Maharashtra. Her destination is Wai to Satara. She stayed for 4 or 5 years there. She enjoys farm-land and vineyard roaming there everyday from her bungalow. She becomes pregnant and gives birth to a girl-baby. She enjoys her sweet home amidst the fields and lush green trees bloomed with cluster of flowers of Gulmohar. So many maid-servants serve her for three English generations. Mangoes and hills atop, travelling clouds like a long train, good music of Maharashtra was a complete heaven for them, their love continued in three generations but this feeling of love and romance discontinued when one grand daughter of Olivia was in love with Indian intelligent boy who used to discuss about the freedom movement against Britishers and grand-daughter of Olivia had to leave India to get another assignment in England.
It was the period of depression of 30's, Mrs. Buck realized that this economical problem could have been saved America, if it could have possessed its treasure with tons of gold. The gold-rush of America was fought against Portuguese and Spaniards, and now America has the biggest treasure of gold in the possession in the world.

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