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Research Papers

(Published in well known international and national journals)

1. Vedanta and modern Christian theology.
2. Vedantic thoughts in the Bhagavad -gita.
3. Law of karma and Ethical outlook.
4. Philosophy of beauty as gleaned from some of the Sanskrit-texts.
5. Yoga practice of prāṇāyama.
6. Comparative study of Magister Ludi & Sankara school of Vedanta.
7. Existentialism and Vedanta.
8. Indian Aesthetic, its scope and the word saundarya-yoga and its Synonym.
9. The role of psychology in Indian Aesthetics.
10. The role of Social -Sciences in Indian Aesthetics.
11. The modern & ancient concept of microscopic & macroscopic world.
12. The need of blending the eastern wisdom & western technology.
13. The notion of dream in the Indian Aesthetic.
14. Religion as an instrument of change in the Indian art's history of the Gupta period.
15. Impact of yoga on Indian Aesthetics.
16. Existence -a chain of illusion.
17. The concept of Hell in Ancient India.
18. The theory of Karma and re -incarnation.
19. The impact of yoga on Sufism.
20. Influence of Oriental studies on Indian aesthetics.
21. Impact of Gandhi's Socialism on the small scale Industries of India.
22. The Swastika, a symbol of art, religion & philosophy.
23. The Śalagrama, symbol of art, religion & philosophy.
24. The Cakra, a symbol of art, religion & philosophy.
25. The Prabha Mandala, a symbol of art, religion & philosophy.
26. The Mudrā a symbol of art, religion & philosophy.
27. The Śhikhar a symbol of art, religion & philosophy.
28. The pūrna-mandala a symbol of art, religion & philosophy.
29. The Kamala, a symbol of art, religion & philosophy.
30. The Rudraksha, a symbol of art,religion & philosophy.
31. The Encyclopedic study of circumambulation.
32. The spiritual influence of yoga activity on Indian Music.
33. Pragmatic & Phenomenal wisdom of Sanskrit tales.
34. The magic of philosopher's Stone and its history traced from Sanskrit Literature.
35. Brief History of the concept of dream a device of children tales.
36. The Indian Cosmology & Indian Cosmogony.
37. Stories of creation in Hinduism, Jainism & Buddhism.
38. Indian Weaponry or Defense technique in the pedagogical education of a child.
39. Strategy & tactics of the Indian Epics & their utility for the knowledge of children.
40. Indoor & Outdoor games of children & their root in the Strategically Plan of Indian Warfare.
41. Stories of Warfare from Epics and Puranas.
42. Indian Concept of parrot learning in child's education.
43. Concept of Ahīmsā in India.
44. Is science diminishing the religious faith?

Papers written in Hindi

45. Kālidāsa ke Sāhitya me Satyam, Shivam aur Sundaram.
46. Kālidāsa ek chitrakār ke rūpa me.
47. Kālidāsa aur Rabindranath.
48. Antaradarshī aur Vyākhyā kār Rabindranath.
49. Rabindranath- ek Śikshaka ke rūpa me.
50. Rabindranath kī Sangīta - Prakriyā.
51. Nirālā - Sāhitya ka Ek Vivādi Svar.

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