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Seminar, Symposia and Conferences attended by the Author

1. Existentialism and Vedanta (Seminar) Department of Classics, University of Colorada,
    Boulder, USA (1965, Summer-school).
2. The need for blending of Eastern wisdom and western Technology. Methodist Church,
     Boulder, Colo. USA (1965. Autumn or fall-semester).
3. The modern and ancient concept of microscopic and macroscopic world University of
     Fortcollins, Colo. USA, (Symposium, September, 1965).
4. Vedanta and Christian Theology, honors center,Uni. Of Colo., USA Boulder (Summer-
    School 1965).
5. Concept of beauty in the samkhya philosophy of India. Symposium in the dept. of south
    East Asian studies, Colorada Spring, Colo. USA. (26Jun, 1967).
6. How India could save is culture from the Invasions of foreigners? Symposium in the
    department of politics, University of southern California, sandiego. (November, 1971)
7. Vedantic thought in the Bhagvadgītā. before a gathering in Austin, Texas, USA.
     (January 1965)
8. Aesthetics, its scope and the word Saundarya-yoga as is synonym Symposium in the
     Department of Sanskrit, University of Delhi, Dec 1974.
9. The role of psychology in Indian Aesthetics, CASS, University of Poona,
      Poona (Feb.1975).
10. The role of Social sciences in Indian Aesthetics. Dept. of Humanities II, Powai, Bombay.
      (Oct. 1983)
11. Indian Art of the Gupta -Period, Dept. Of Fine Arts,University of Hayward,
     California,USA. (April 1982)
12. Impact of yoga on Indian Aesthetic deptt. Of philosophy, University of Hayward,USA.
13. The concept of hell in ancient India. All world conference of the pacific Universities,
     Sponsored by the Berekelay University in the University of Santacruz,California.
     (26 June, 1982)
14. The doctrine of karma and re-incarnation. Instt. Of Cultural Integration fellowship,
     Sanfrancisco, USA. (June4th, 1982).
15. The impact of yoga on Sufism. Deptt of religion, University of Colorada,USA, Boulder,
      Colo. (June, 1982).
16. The Impact of Gandhi's Socialism on small -scale industries of India Deptt. Of Technology
     and Industry, Univ of Hayward, California, USA. (May 26, 1982)
17. Raja Ramamohan Roy- the reformist of Indian Deptt. of Anthropology,University of
     Hayward, California, USA. (May 12, 1982)
18. Dayananda Sarasvati a reformist of Hindu religion,Dept. of Anthropology,University of
     Hayward, California, USA. (May 20, 1982)
19. Siddhartha of Magister Ludi, Seminar at Fergusson college in the memory of Late T.G.
     mainkar Poona. (17 Sept. 1983).
20. Concept of Ahimsā in India religions, Instt. Of national Integration, CME,
      Poona-31, (6 Aug. 1985).
21. Introduction of Vedic literature.Instt.of national integration, CME, Poona.
      (8 Sept. 1985).
22. Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism-An integrated approach, Instt. Of national Integration,
     CME Poona. (July 1986)

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