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1. Evolution of Rasa-theory since Upanishads to sage Bharara to the 20th Century 2. Indian aesthetics and its preambles 3. Contribution of all Indian philosophies; religions and their sects; Yoga-practice; minor religions and regional philosophies to derive the concepts of Indian aesthetics. 4. Facets of poetry, literature and drama 5. Definitions of connoisseurs according to Kama-Sutra and other texts 6. Seeds of aesthetics and art in Vedic-literature 7. Flowering of aesthetics in the classical literature of Sanskrit and its application to all the regional languages of India. 8. Canonical texts of India on performing, plastic and pictorial arts, literature, poetry and theatre 9. Contribution of all dialects and their regional, local oral traditions 10. Sub-cultures of India for Indian aesthetics and art 11. Poetics and aesthetics 12. Impact of aesthetics on painting in all media and their different styles 13. Theory of suggestions and Indian aesthetics and art 14. Impact of aesthetics on Indian architecture and its all Indian and foreign schools 15. Temples of India, their sites, origin and mythological stories 16. Temple-architecture of India and its different theories and tenets 17. Persian, Muslim, Greek, Chinese, Gothic, French, English architectures and their influences on Indian Plastic art and vice-versa 18. Symbols of Temple architecture of India and their meanings 19. Influence of Indian temple architecture on south and south-east Asia, Egypt, Mongolia, Afghanistan or Greater India of the reign of Gupta-period 20. Glossary of architecture 21. Glossary of temple architecture 22. Glossary of Iconography 23. Glossary of Indian theatre architecture and drama 24. Glossary of Cinematography 25. Indian painting and its different schools and their theories 26. Temple architecture, different schools and their theories 27. Music, vocal, instrumental and dances, Gharanas and families, devoted to the individual theories 28. Plastic-art, sculpture and iconography and structural architecture of India 29. Impact of religions, minor religious sects on the art-forms and languages of different literature like Bhakti Era and its epistemological trends in Indian aesthetics 30. Dynamic-theory (Shakti-Vada) of aesthetics 31. Philosophies of different knowledge-theories of aesthetics 32. Impact of different communities and their sub-cultures on Indian aesthetics and art. 33. Impact of culture on Indian art 34. Impact of Indian civilization on art-forms 35. Impact of Indian psychology on Indian aesthetics and art 36. Impact of sociology on Indian aesthetics and art 37. Symbology of Indian art 38. Impact of Indian aesthetics on Indian Tourism 39. Gypsy, tribal and rural art-forms like music, dance, instrumental music, fabric and pictorial art 40. Indian Aesthetics and its preambles 41. Contribution of Yoga-philosophy, science and religion to Indian poetry and literatures of all Indian languages starting from Vedic literature to modern age 42. Rasa-theories since Bharata to 19th Century 43. Definition of connoisseurs according to Kama-Sutra and erroneous Censure-Board of Government of India for its performing arts 44. History of Gramophone and symbol of a sitting dog 45. Facets of literature and canonical norms of regional languages, dialects and oral tradition 46. Muslim architecture, Chinese and Hindu influence 47. Symbols of indigenous and foreign architecture like Gothic, Hellenistic, Persian, Roman and of minor Asia 48. Definition of Art or Kala 49. Architecture of Sikhism, Jainism, Buddhism and Hinduism and Sufism 50. Folk-music, folk-dance, folk-drama, folk-musical instruments, folk-lores, folk-painting, folk-faiths and festivals 51.Regional Schools of Film and Television 52. Female and male physiognomy 53. Indoor games of India 54. History of Indian cosmetics and perfumery 55. International cultural societies, associations, organizations and Institutes of aesthetics and art 56. Iconography of Ragamala 57. International-associations of Orientalists 58. Illustrated manuscripts of India 59. Indological studies in the US, U.K, Russia, Australia, Europe etc. 60. Biographical notes of archaeologists, orientalists, and aestheticians from India and all over the world. 61. Libraries and national archives famous for the collection of arts of antiquities and manuscripts and books 62. Modern painters, musicians, instrumentalists, and writers of regional languages 63. Museums and art galleries 64. Motifs and miniature paintings 65. Details of canonical texts on arts 66. Indian cosmogony 67. Costumes, cosmetics, weapons, instruments and outfits 68. Tactics and strategies of warfare of India (from two Epics of India) with all Vyuhas mentioned in the Mahabharata. ( In the beginning of 2009, two books in Hindi titled: "Saundarya-Yoga Aur Uske Hrdaya-Samvad" and "Walt Disney Aur Unka Disney Land" have been published.)


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