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MĀNAS - MANTHANA(A Book Of Parables and Epigrams)
(Publish in 1970 New Delhi) Price $5
It is the discovery of Author for that reader who does not want long literature but tailor-made passages. The Reader of that period was busy in many media entertainments. All the performing arts and cinematography, Television, Informative journals, politics of India, Russia and America- all these ingredients had priority over Indian literature. It was waste of time to read literature rather than involves oneself in gathering information from all directions. But I found my readers in every city of India in North, West and East from where I used to receive letters of appreciation. Even from America many readers sent me the message of their congratulation. I started writing Epigrams at the age of 16, but through my matured thoughts Acarya Tulsi of Anuvrat wanted to convert to Jainism. Problem arose when my marriage was going to be settled. The friends of my hubby told him that I must be 40 or 50 years old as such this matured literature can not be written by the girls of 22 years old. Confusion prevailed and after seeing me, it was confirmed that I was really 22 years old. My knowledge and inborn-vision had crossed my chronological age. I was not fit for the world when my Dean of humanity remarked "You are too good to live in this world." But my innate mind did not change. I bluntly criticized all the erudites that were involved in making Raṣṭra-bhāṣā Hindi for 10 years and had earned lot of money from Central Government. It was befooling attempt where erudite and their acquaintances were employed. The words were added in Hindi from the roots of sanskrit vocabulary. To me Language with syntactical relations are already prevalent in the society with its phonetics reverberate in every mind. English is never made but it has accepted all the foreign languages which are automatically adopted it. Thus, English is enriched by occidental and oriental languages and their words. Similarly, if we adopt similar words af all regional languages which reverberate the meaning and sound of Hindi words, then Hindi becomes real Rāśtra bhāśā of whole of India. It was politics which was giving air to Loha-path gāminī or dūr-dhvani for Train or Telephone respectively. This thought-churning idea of my mind (mānas-Manthana) without taxing, gave epigram in simple words for the reader where I said:
"Sabse saralatā se paidā honewali vastu-Icchaa. Sabse muśkil se marne wālī vastu-Icchaa;"

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