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After writing books on Indian aesthetics, I was privileged to write more on Indian aesthetics. For overflowing knowledge of the Indian aesthetics, I conceived the idea of preparing the Encyclopedia on this topic, and hope to see the sunlight in the 63rd year of independence. The topic of aesthetics is of inter-disciplinary nature which covers the vast vista of different studies covering the past of Indian civilization, sub-cultures, religions, philosophies, cultural anthropology, psycho-analysis, archaeology, ethnography and ethnology, Indian psychology , art-history, cultural-history, numismatics, linguistics, useful as well as fine arts, plastic, pictorial and performing art. Moreover, aesthetics mirrors the social life of every historical period. Human-behaviour and experiences and artistic creation and appreciation including the symbolic meaning and emotional effect of various images. It is closely related to art-criticism by examining the standards used in evaluation and criticism. Its value lies in understanding of the actual natures, functions and effects of art. It does not ignore the subject of beauty in the hierarchy. For defining beauty, it takes resort to semantic problems of linguistic branch. Aesthetics as such nevertheless, it demands the comprehensive study in the form of interpretations which are possible only through giving articles of different Aestheticians of India and by compiling them in the form of Encyclopedia.
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