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The lips of horizon
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(Hardcover - 1971)
A collection of epigrams with a title that is symbolic of the contents. Lips are synonymous with language and language is always feeble when compared with the clouds of thoughts. Dr. Gopala Reddy (former Governor of UP, India) reviewed the book stating: "Dr. Sudhi has a facile pen. When I read the book, I was reminded of Rabindranath Tagore's - Stray birds and fire flies". Glennys Runquist from Boulder Daily Camera, Colorado, wrote: "Padma's epigrams have been published in different anthologies of the country. She was 14 when she started writing them. A quote from the book: Ego is a eunuch - it is ashamed neither before a man nor before a woman." On January 8, 1967, Lorraine Small from Press Enterprise at Riverside, California quoted her favourite epigram as: "The soul is a splendid and beautiful flower - if it is abounding in the worms of selfishness, all of its' petals begin to fall off".

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