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Aesthetic Theories of India Vol. II
ISBN Number : 81-7076-009-7
(Hardcover - 1988)
In the first volume of the 'Aesthetic Theories of India', the author has described aesthetic concepts from Vedas, Puranas, and the two epics - Rāmāyana and Mahābhārata. In this book, the renaissance and humanism in place of divinity and symbolism of ancient Vedic period have been tackled. The aesthetic rediscovery attempted to study human mind by inciting it to explore and meditate upon itself in different situations as per modern psychology. The description of a good material and spiritual life shifted from the question of what might become of a man after death, to what he might become and accomplish in his present life on Earth by exercising his native talents. During this period in Indian Aesthetics, Aśvaghosa propagated Buddhism, Bhāsa taught humanism and Śudraka popularized existentialism in the realm of Aesthetics of India. Among the medieval poets, Kālidāsa was known as the 'Shakespeare of the East'. The two volumes are translated in Chinese by the scholars of Chinese Academy of Science and Art.

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