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Experience in the field of Aesthetics by writing eight-nine projects on the Subject

1. Concept of beauty in the Work of Kalidasa, 1964.
2. Kalpa sūtra of Jainism (with Norman Brown in the
    U.S.A.) 1965.
3. Indian aesthetic Theories in Sanskrit Literature,
4. Yoga-activity as a Fountain –head of Indian
    aesthetic, 1979.
5. Gupta –Art, a study from aesthetic and Canonical
    Norms, 1983.      

6. Psychological Role of Sanskrit tales in Child
   –Development 1988.
7. Hinduism in America, 1990.
8. Encyclopedia of Indian Aesthetic and Art
    (Ready to Publish)
9. Assisted Prof. Wyner of the University of Ohio USA
    in Collecting the data for the book Titled: World
    Bibliography on Politics for the Chapter on Indian
    Politics in 1965.
10. Established a library of Indology In the Honors
      –Centre of the University of Colo. Where The
      Scholar was a visiting Professor, 1966-1968.


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