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Author as a Translator

1. Course-book of Indian Art for Boston Museum, by A.K. Coomarasvami (Translated into Hindi)
2.Technical terms of Indian Paintings, by A.K. Coomarasvami (Translated into Hindi).   
3. Science, Democracy and Islam, Dr.Humayun Kabir. Given by publication Division of Old Secretariat in 1960 by Director U.S. Mohan Rao for Delhi State.
4. Stories of Medical Science in America. Given by the U.S.I.S., Bhavalpur House, (1959).
5. Come, my Beloved – Nobel Laureate Pearl, S. Buck’s Novel (Translated into Hindi).      
6. Sanskrit Book "Ganjiphā-Khelana" into (Translated into English)
7.Some Chapters on Śalagrama and Rudraksa from a few of the Puranas are translated into English.
8. Ten Research Papers (unpublished) sent by Durai Raja Singham from Malaysia to the Bhandarkar Oriental Research Institute, on different aspects of Indian Aesthetics and culture, are translated into English.
9. The author has translated into Hindi a long poetry of Sarojini Naidu Titled "Coromandal coast", "Gandhi-Mandir" of Basant Bapat and "Gīta-Vitāna" of Rabindranath Tagore.

10. Three Volumes on Aesthetics Written by the author have been translated into Chinese Language by the Chinese Academy of Science and Art, Beijing.
11.Dr. Odolen Smekal of Czech Republic, presently ambassador to India has agreed to translate writer’s poetry (1986).

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